Friday, September 10, 2010

Loose Ends

So the dust has settled a little bit (for those that don’t know this, I have moved from here) and I find myself in the possession of an incredible piece of hardware (no pun intended). I will also never underestimate Americans when they talk about size. They said it was big, and it is huge. And I have owned some large laptops in my time. Hence this (almost) celebratory blog post.


I have known the Dismal Blogger a long time and believe I know him well. Yet, over the last year, he has surprised me with his generosity and warmth. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for this.


Partly because of this gratitude, I believe I should find an alternate home for my often arcane material. The readers of this blog, carefully collected by the Dismal Blogger over the course of many years – discerning people all – have spoken out unequivocally against the hi-jacking of this blog, and I could not, as a statistician, ignore that evidence. I haven’t found a new home yet, but once I do, I will make it known on this blog.  In cyberspace as in real life, I thank the Dismal Blogger for being so generous with his blog.


Following advice here, I am using Windows Live Writer to compose this blog post. And it is nice!

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